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Abrikosov, Alexei Alexeyevich

Born: 1928 AD
Currently alive, at 93 years of age.
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Physicists

 1928 – Born on the 25th of June in Moscow, Russian.

1948 – He graduated from the Moscow State University.

       – He worked in the Institute for Physical Problems of the USSR Academy
          of Sciences.

1951 – He received his Ph. D. for the theory of thermal diffusion in plasmas and then the
           next degree, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

1952 – discovered the way in which magnetic flux can penetrate a superconductor.

1965 – He worked in the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (USSR Academy of Sciences).

       – He was a professor of the Moscow State University.

1966 – He  was awarded Lenin Prize.

1972 – He won the Fritz London Memorial Prize.

1982 – He won the USSR State Prize.
1987 – He was a academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

1991 – He works in the Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois,
            USA on contract basis.

2003 – He was the co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.