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Abelson, Philip Hauge

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 2004 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Physicists

1913 – Born on the 27th 0f April  in Tacoma, Washington.

1939 – He was among the first American scientists to verfiy Nuclear Fission in an
           article submitted to the Physical Review in February.

1940 – He was the co-discoverer of the element Neptunium on the 8th of June.

       – He was a key contributor to the Manhattan Project during World War II.

       – He wrote the first report detailing how a nuclear reactor could be installed
           in a submarine, providing both propulsion and electrical power.

1951 – He served as the director of the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical

1962 – He was editor of Science magazine, published by the American Association for the
            Advancement of Science.

1970 – He became interested in the problem of world energy supplies.

1971 – He served as president of the Institution.

1972 – He served as President of the American Geophysical Union.

1974 – He served as its acting Executive Officer.

1984 – He remained associated with the magazine.

1988 – He received many distinguished awards.

1992 – He was awarded the Public Welfare Medal, the National Academy of Science’s highest honor.

2004 – He died on the 1st of August from respiratory complications following a brief illness.