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Abel, Rudolf Ivanovich

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1971 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Intelligence Officer

1903 – Born on the 11th of July in England at 142 Clara Street, Benwell in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

1921 – He worked as a translator for Comintern after the family’s return to the Soviet Union.

1925 – He was trained as a radio operator during his military service.

1927 – He worked briefly in Soviet Military Intelligence and was then recruited by the Gosudarstvennoye

             Politicheskoye Upravlenie (GPU).

1936 – He returned to Russia as head of a school which trained radio operators destined for duty in

               illegal residences.

1938 – He escaped prosecution but was dismissed from the Main Directorate for State Security.

1946 – He again entered secret service and was trained as a spy for entry into the United States.

1947 – He traveled to Canada under a false identity, then entered the United States on the 17th of November.

1957 – He was captured by the Federal Bureau of Investigation  in New York on the 21st of June.

        – He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for espionage.

1962 – On February 10, he was exchanged for U2 pilot Gary Powers and American student Frederic Pryor at

              the Glienicke Bridge in Potsdam, Germany.

1971 – He died of lung cancer on the 15th of November and was buried next to his father in the Donskoy

             monastery in Moscow.