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Abel, Niels Henrik

Born: 1802 AD
Died: 1829 AD
Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Mathematicians

1802 – He was born on the 5th of August in Nedstrand, Norway.

1815 – He entered the cathedral school at Christiania.

1818 – He gave proof of his mathematical genius by his brilliant solutions of the original problems proposed

             by Bernt Holmboe.

1821 – He entered Royal Frederick University with a little help from the pension given by the state.

1824 – His first notable work was a proof of the impossibility of solving the quintic equation by radicals.

1825 – State sponsorship enabled him to visit Germany and France.

1826 – He moved to Paris and during a ten-month stay he met the leading mathematicians of France.

1829 – He died on the 6th of April due to tuberculosis at Froland, Norway.