Abe, Shinzo

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 66 years of age.
Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Politicial Adviser, Prime Ministers

1954 – Born in Nagato on the 21st of September.

1977 – He studied and graduated with a degree in political science at Seikei University. He later moved to the United States to study political science at the University of Southern California, though he received no degree.

1979 – Abe began working for Kobe Steel.

1982 – He left Kobe Steel and pursued a number of governmental positions: executive assistant to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, private secretary to the chairperson of the LDP General Council, and private secretary to the LDP secretary-general.

1993 – He was elected to the first district of Yamaguchi Prefecture, winning the most votes of any election in the prefecture’s history.

1999 – He became Director of the Social Affairs Division.

2000-2003 – Became Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary in the Yoshirô Mori and Jun’ichirô Koizumi Cabinets for three years, after which he was appointed Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party. Abe was chief negotiator for the Japanese government on behalf of the families of Japanese abductees taken to North Korea, and accompanied Koizumi to meet Kim Jong II in 2002. He gained national popularity when he demanded that Japanese abductees visiting Japan remain, in defiance of North Korea.

2005 – On the 31st of October, he was nominated Chief Cabinet Secretary of the fifth Koizumi Cabinet, succeeding Hiroyuki Hosoda. He was the leader of a project team within the LDP that did a survey on "excessive sexual education and gender-free education. The team sought to provide contrast to the Democratic Party of Japan, which it alleged supported such policies.

2006 – On 20th of September, Shinzo Abe was elected as the president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. His chief competitors for the position were Sadakazu Tanigaki and Taro Aso. Yasuo Fukuda was a leading early contender but ultimately chose not to run. Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, to whose faction both Abe and Fukuda belonged, stated that the faction strongly leant toward Abe.

        – On the 26th of September, Shinzo Abe was elected Prime Minister with 339 of 475 votes in the Diet’s lower house and a firm majority in the upper house. Abe, elected at age fifty-two, is the youngest Prime Minister since Fumimaro Konoe in 1941.