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Born: 1830 AD
Died: 1876 AD
Nationality: Turkmen
Categories: King

1830 – Born in Ýstanbul on the 9th of February.


1840-1861 – Received an Ottoman education but was nevertheless an ardent admirer of the material progress that was made in the West. He was interested in literature and was also a classical music composer. Some of his compositions have been collected in the album "European Music at the Ottoman Court" by the London Academy of Ottoman Court Music.


1861-1876 – The Tanzimat reforms which began during the reign of his brother Abdulmecid were continued under the leadership of his able chief ministers, Fuat Pasha and Ali Pasha.


1864-1868 – New administrative districts (vilayets) were set up and a Council of State was established. 


1861 – Public education was organized on the French model and the University of Istanbul was reorganized as a modern institution.


1867 – Abdulaziz cultivated good relations with France and Great Britain and was the first Ottoman sultan to visit western Europe, which included a visit to England, where he was made a Knight of the Garter by Queen Victoria and shown a Royal Navy Fleet Review with his Khedive of Egypt.


1869 – He received visits from Empress Eugenie of France and other foreign monarchs on their way to the opening of the Suez Canal. The future Edward VII of the United Kingdom, while he used to be the Prince of Wales, twice visited Istanbul.


1871 – Ali Pasha and Fuat Pasha were dead, and France, his western European model, had been defeated by Germany.


1875 –  the Ottoman Navy had 21 battleships and 173 other types of warships, ranking as the third largest navy in the world after the British and French navies. In foreign policy, he turned to Russia for friendship, as turmoil in the Balkan provinces continued. When insurrection in Bosnia and Herzegovina spread to Bulgaria (1876), ill feeling mounted against Russia for its encouragement of the rebellions. The crop failure of 1873, the sultan’s lavish expenditures for the Navy and the new palaces which he built, and the mounting public debt had also heightened public discontent.


1876 – Abdülaziz was deposed by his ministers on the 30th of May, He also established the first Ottoman railroad network and Sirkeci Train Station in Istanbul, terminus of the Orient Express.


1876 – He died on 4th of June, Constantinople, attributed to suicide.