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Abd al-Hadi, Awni

Born: 1889 AD
Died: 1970 AD
Nationality: Palestinian
Categories: Politicial Adviser

1889 – He was born in Palestine.

1911 – He was educated in Beirut, Istanbul and the Sorbonne University in Paris.

        – He was a founding member of the Al-Fatat nationalist society.

1913 – He was devoted to Arab independence and unity and was among the organizers of Arab Nationalist

             Congress in Paris.

1919 – He served as private secretary of Faisal I of Iraq at the Paris Peace Conference.

1922 – He was elected representative to the 5th of August(Nablus) and 6th of June(Jaffa) Congress of the

              Arab Executive Committee.

1924 – He became one of the chief spokesmen of the Palestinian-Arab nationalist movement.

1928 – He was secretary of the Executive Committee’s Congress.

1930 – He was a member of the Palestinian Delegation to the United Kingdom and a lawyer for the Supreme

            Muslim Council.

1932 – He was a founder and general secretary and first elected president of the Palestinian Istiqlal

              (Independence) party.

1936 – He was the party’s representative to the Arab Higher Committe.

          – He held some responsibility for the Arab Revolt.

1937 – The British decided to deport the committee members.

1939 – He was a member of the Palestinian delegation to the London Conference, St James’s Palace in


1951 – He served as Jordan’s Minister and later ambassador to Cairo for four years.

1955 – He was a Jordanian senator.

1958 – He became the chairman of the Arab League’s Judicial Affairs Committee in Cairo.

1970 – He died on the 15th of March in Cairo.