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Aasen, Ivar Andreas

Born: 1813 AD
Died: 1896 AD
Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Lexicographer, Philologist

1813 – Born on the 5th of August in Orsta, Norway.

1826 – His father, a small peasant-farmer named Ivar Jonsson died.

1831 – He opened an elementary school in his native parish.

1833 – He entered the household of H. C. Thoresen, the husband of the eminent writer Magdalene Thoresen, in Heroy.

1841 – He had freed himself from all the burden of manual labour, and could occupy his thoughts with the dialect of his native district, Sunnmore.

1842 – He had begun to receive a stipend to enable him to give his entire attention to his philological investigations.

1843 – His first publication was a small collection of folk songs in the Sunnmore dialect.

1848 – His Grammar of the Norwegian Dialects was the result of much labour, and of journeys taken to every part of the country.

1850 – His famous Dictionary of the Norwegian Dialects appeared in its original form.

1855 – His composed poems and plays in the composite dialect to show how it should be used.

1873 – He holds perhaps an isolated place in literary history as the one man who has invented, or at least selected and constructed, a language which has pleased so many thousands of his countrymen.

1896 – He died on the 23rd of September in Christiania and was buried with public honours.