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Zhu De

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1976 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Military Officer

1886- Born on the 18th day of December in into a large farming family in Yilong country in the isolated section of northern Sichuan province.
1904 – He joined the Tongmenghui.
1908 – He entered the Yunnan Military Academy in Kunming, and he taught in the Academy right after he graduated.
1909 – He joined the revolutionary party of Sun Yat-Sen, as a student at Yunnan military Academy.
1911 – He participates in the rebellion that overthrew the Qing dynasty.
1916 – He developed a strong opium habit and fell into a life of a Warlord, after his mentor died.
1920 – He went to Europe
1922 – He studied at Göttingen University in Germany, and then he joined the Chinese communist party in Berlin. He stayed there for three years.
1926 – He returned to China and took control of a military force in the Kuomintang under the First United Front (China)
1927 – He was ordered to lead a force against the Nanchang Uprising.
1928 – He became closely affiliated with Mao Zedong.
1929 – He and Mao were forced to flee Jinggangshan to Ruijin to the East following Guomindang military pressure
1931 – He was appointed leader of the Red Army in the Ruijin Congress by the CCP leadership
1934 – He helped in forming a break out from the soviet that would begin the Long March.
1940 – He organized the Hundred Regiments Offensive without the support of Mao
1949 – The people’s republic of china was established.
1976 – He passed way on the 7th day of July.