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Papadopoulos, George

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 1999 AD
3.1 (62.29%) 70 votes

1919 – Born on May 5th in Elaiohori. Greek dictator, general, and politician.

1967 – On April 21st, middle-ranking officers, led by Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos, launched a coup designed to thwart an expected Centre Union victory in elections planned for May of that year.

         – In December, after a failed countercoup, King Constantine went into exile, with Papadopoulos assuming the role of regent.

1970 – He was a Greek foreign minister.

1972 – He became the regent of Greece.

1973 – Following student protests, which were violently suppressed, Papadopoulos was toppled from within the junta, to be replaced by the even more repressive brigadier general Demetrios Ioannidis, the head of the much-feared military police.

         – He was the President of Greece.

1974 – He was overthrown and arrested.

1975 – Was convicted of treason and insurrection and sentenced to life imprisonment.

1984 – He attempted a political comeback from behind bars as head of the National Political Union Party (EPEN), which won a seat in European elections.

1999 – He died of cancer at the age of 80 on June 27th.

3.1 (62.29%) 70 votes