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Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1989 AD
Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Emperor

1901 – He was born on the 29th day of April this year in the Aoyama Palace in Tokyo. His childhood name was Michinomiya, but his His personal name was Hirohito.


1908 – He attended the boy’s department of Gakushuin Peers School from this year to 1914.


1912 – He became heir apparent upon the death of his grandfather, Emperor Meiji, on July 30 of this year.


1914 – Then a special institute for the crown prince (TMgk-gogakumonsho) from this year until 1921.


1921 – He became regent of Japan, in place of his ailing father. Prince Regent Hirohito took a six month tour of Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. By doing this he became the first Japanese crown prince to travel abroad.


1924 – He married his distant cousin Princess Nagako Kuni (the future Empress KMjun), the eldest daughter of Prince Kuni Kuniyoshi, on the 26th day of January this year.


1926 – On the 25th day of December this year, his reign as an Emperoror of Japan has started until the time of his death. His reign was the longest of any historical Japanese emperor, and he oversaw many significant changes to Japanese society.


1926 – The first part of Emperor ShMwa’s reign as sovereign between this year and 1945, took place against a background of increasing military power within the government, through both legal and extralegal means.


1975 – The emperor and the empress were honored guests at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the first such visit by Japanese royalty.

1987 – The emperor underwent surgery on his pancreas after having digestive problems for several months. This was the very first time a Japanese emperor underwent surgery.


1988 – He collapsed in his palace, and his health worsened over the next several months as he suffered from continuous internal bleeding.


1989 – On the 7th day of January this year, at 6:33 AM, the emperor died. At 7:55 AM, the grand steward of Japan’s Imperial Household Agency, Shoichi Fujimori, officially announced the emperor’s death, and revealed details about his cancer for the first time. He was succeeded at once by his son, Akihito.