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Herod the Great

Born: 7400 AD
Died: 4000 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Politician

74 BC – Herod the Great was born.

43 BC – His father was poisoned, allegedly by a tax collector, Herod had the murderer executed. After returning from a campaign, he was offered the betrothal to the teenage princess Mariamne from the former Hasmonean dynasty who were the titular rulers of Judaea.

47 BC – 46 BC – He was created strategus of Coelesyria by the provincial governor.

39 BC – Herod returned to Palestine and, when the presence of Antony put the reluctant Roman troops entirely at his disposal, he was able to lay siege to Jerusalem two years later.

37 BC – Herod was king of Judaea, being the client of Antony and the husband of Mariamne.

31 BC – Herod executed Hyrcanus and proceeded to wait upon the victorious Octavian at Rhodes.

25 BC – His return he took in hand to heal with the Hasmonaeans, and the old intriguers, their victims like Mariamne, and all pretenders were dead.

20 BC -His successful government by putting the districts of Ulatha and Panias under him.

4 BC – He proceeded to accuse him before the governor of Syria and obtained leave from Augustus to put him to death.