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Floyd, John

Born: 1783 AD
Died: 1837 AD
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1783 – He was born on the 24th day of April this year in Floyds, Station, Virginia, near what is now Louisville, Kentucky. His parents were pioneer John Floyd, who was killed by Native Americans twelve days prior to his son’s birth.


1797 – This year, he became a member of the Union Philosophical Society.


1798 – He matriculated with the class of 1798; he had to withdraw due to financial troubles. His guardian had failed in his payments and family accounts relate that he was so poor, that he was obliged to borrow a pair of pantaloons from a boatman" in returning to his home in Kentucky.


1801 – When his step-father, Alexander Breckinridge, died in this year, he was able to return, but had to withdraw again due to a lung illness. He moved to Philadelphia and was placed under the care of Dr. Benjamin Rush, an experience that influenced his decision to pursue a medical career.


1806 – He graduated this year and his graduating dissertation was entitled "An Enquiry into the Medical Properties of the Magnolia Tripetala and Magnolia Acuminata".


1807 – He moved to Lexington, Virginia and then to Christiansburg, Virginia, where he practiced medicine. Floyd also served as a Justice of the Peace in this year.


1814 – He served in Virginia House of Delegates this year.


1817 – He became United State’s Representative from this year until 1829.


1820 – During his career in the House of Representatives, Floyd was an advocate of settling the Oregon Territory, unsuccessfully arguing on its behalf from this year until he left Congress in 1829.


1830 – He was elected Governor of Virginia from this year until 1834.


1832 – He received votes for the Presidency of the United States, running as a National Republican, a precursor of the Whig Party. He carried South Carolina and its 11 electoral votes.


1837 – He died on the 17th day of August this year in County, Virginia.

3 (60%) 3 votes