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Daladier, Edouard

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1970 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Prime Ministers

1884 – Born on the 18th of June in Carpentras, France.


1924 – Became minister in various posts in the government during the Coalition Governments in France.


1926 – He became instrument in the Radical-Socialist Party’s break with the Socialist SFIO (Section Française de l’Internationale Ouvrière).


1933 – He first became Prime Minister of France for one year.


1936 – Served as Minister of War for the "Popular Front" (an alliance of left-wings movements, including the French Communist Party).


1938 – He became again Prime Minister of France for the second time.


1940 – Resigned as a Prime Minister of France.


1953 – He became Lord Mayor of Avignon, France.


1970 – He died on the 10th of October and was buried in the famous cemetery of Père-Lachaise.