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Borowski, Tadeusz

Born: 1922 AD
Died: 1951 AD
Nationality: Polish
Categories: Authors

1922 – He was born on the 12th day of November this year in Zhytomir, Ukraine, Bolshevist Russia. His parents became victims of the USSR spy-hunting psychosis.

1926 – His father, whose bookstore had been nationalized by the communists, was sent to a gulag in Karelia. His mother was detained later the same year. She was also sent to a gulag in Siberia, on the shores of the Yenisey River.

1932 – He and his brother were repatriated from the USSR to Poland thanks to the efforts of the Polish Red Cross. They settled in Warsaw.

1934 – His was freed in a prisoner exchange with communists arrested in Poland, and their mother was released.

1940 – He finished his secondary schooling in a secret underground lyceum in Nazi-occupired Poland, and then began studies at the underground Warsaw University (Polish language and literature).

1943 – He was arrested by the Germans and sent to a series of concentration camps: first to Auschwitz, then to Natzweiler-Dautmergel, and finally to Dachau.

1946 – After Poland’s liberation by the Red Army in this year, he moved for a short time to Munich, and on the 31st day of May.

       – He returned to Poland. At this time, he found out that his wartime fiancée, with whom he had lost all contact when she herself was arrested, had actually survived the camps and had returned to Poland.

1950 – He received the National Literary Prize, Second Degree.

1951 – He committed suicide at the age of 28 by breathing in gas from a gas stove on the 1st day of July of this year.