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Boelcke, Oswald

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1916 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Aviators, Pilots

1891 – Oswald Boelcke was born in Giebichenstein, on the 19th of May. German aviator.

         – He joined Telegraphen-Bataillon Nr. 3 in Koblenz as a Fahnenjunker (cadet officer).

1914 – Transferred to the Fliegertruppe in May.

         – He received his pilot’s training at the school of the Halberstadt firm. He passed the third and final pilot’s exam on August 15th.

1915 – He transferred to Fliegerabteilung 62 in April, based at Douai.

         – Met a new comrade, Max Immelman, whose later aerial expertise would earn him the title of ace and the nickname, "The Eagle of Lille".

         – Boelcke won his first aerial combat on 19th of August, downed four more enemy aircraft.

         – He saved the life of a young local French boy who had fallen into a canal near the aerodrome where Boelcke was stationed on August 28th.

1916 – With Immelmann, they were the first German fliers to be awarded the Pour le Mérite, the highest award for bravery in Prussia.

         – After Immelmann was killed, he became the top German ace, and was sent off to the Balkans.

         – He was made leader of the newly formed Fliegerabteilung Sivery and led them in action over Verdun.

         – Boelcke was killed when his Albatros D.II collided and after he had been successful in 40 dogfights on 28th of October.