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Berthier, Louis Alexandre

Born: 1753 AD
Died: 1815 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Military Officer, Soldier

1753 – Berthier was born on the 20th of February in Versailles. French soldier and the first of Napoleon’s marshals.

         – Berthier was one of Napoleon’s closest comrades and although he proved poor at commanding troops on the field of battle he excelled at staff work and was a great asset to his master.

1777 – He joined the French Army and initially served in a technical branch of the army as an ingenieur geographe although he did serve in variety of corps both in infantry and cavalry and was wounded twice during his service.

1789 – Organized the Roman republic.

1792 – Made Chief of Staff to Marshal Lückner.

1795 – He survived the period of the Terror in France with only a brief suspension from duties and returned to duty in March as a general of Brigade and chief of staff of the Armies of Italy and the Alps.

         – In the French Revolution he rose to be chief-of-staff in the Army of Italy and proclaimed the republic in Rome.

1796 – Accompanied Napoleon throughout the brilliant campaign.

1805 – Napoleon esteemed him highly as chief of staff of the Grande Armée.

1808 – Napoleon became emperor and Berthier was made a marshal of the empire.

         – He became chief-of-staff to Napoleon, who made him Prince of Neuchâftel and Wagram.

         – Married to Princess Mary Elizabeth and had 3 children.

1812 – He proved loyal and efficient to Napoleon till the end but the campaigns took a terrible price on France and Berthier was in a position to know exactly what this cost was.

         – For his service he was well rewarded with money, a princedom and a wife of royal blood.

1815 – Louis Alexandre Berthier died of defenestration on 1st of Jun in Bamberg, Bavaria.

         – Some claim he was assassinated, others that he committed suicide at the thought of allied troops marching towards France, others that he fell due to ill health.