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Becker, George Ferdinand

Born: 1847 AD
Died: 1919 AD
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1847 – Born on the 5th of January in New York City.

1868 – He was graduated at Harvard University.

1875 – Instructor of mining and metallurgy in the University of California.

1879 – Became connected with the United States Geological Survey.

         – Placed in charge of the California division of geology.

1880 – Appointed special agent of the 10th census.

1882 – Appointed special agent in charge of the investigation of the precious-metal industries.

1885 – Wrote "Geometrical Form of Volcanic Cones".

         – Notes on the Stratigraphy of California.

1886 – "Cretaceous Metamorphic Rocks of California.

         –  A Theorein of Maximum Dissipativity, which is a new fundamental law of mechanics.

         –  A New Law of Thermo-Chemistry, which embraces the previously known laws of this science and makes an important addition to them.

1919 – Died on the 20th of April, Washington, D.C.

2.5 (50.29%) 35 votes