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Bayar, Mahmud Celal

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1986 AD
Nationality: Turkmen
Categories: Politician

1883 – Mahmut Celal Bayar was born 16th of May in Umurbey, a village of Gemlik.

1908 – Joined the volunteer’s troop of "Ýttihad Terakki Cemiyeti" (Committee of Union and Progress), a political organization of Young Turks.

1919 – Elected to the Ottoman Parliament in Istanbul as deputy of Saruhan (today Manisa).

1920 – Went in to Ankara to join Mustafa Kemal by the Turkish Independence Movement.

1921 – Served as deputy Minister of Economy.

         – Appointed as Minister of Economy.

1922 – Bayar took part in the Turkish delegation during the Lausanne Peace Conference as an advisor to Ýsmet Ýnönü.

1923 – Served as deputy of Ýzmir in the parliament.

1924-1932 – Founded Türkiye Ýþ Bankasý in Ankara and was its Managing Director.

1937-1939 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk appointed him as prime minister of the 9th government after Ýsmet Ýnönü left the government.

1939 – With Inönü led him to lay down his office on January 25, 1939.

1954-1957 – He was re-elected as President while Adnan Menderes was his prime minister.

1960 – Armed forces staged a coup d’etat and sent Celal Bayar along with Adnan Menderes to a military court.

1961 – He and 15 other party members were tried for violating the constitution and sentenced to death by the

High Court of Justice.

1964 – Sent to jail in Kayseri, but he was released on November 7, 1964 due to ill health and pardoned in 1966.

1986 – He died on 22nd of August in Istanbul.