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Bakr, Ahmad Hassan al-

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 1982 AD
Nationality: Iraqi
Categories: Politician, Presidents

1914 – Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr was born 1st of July.


1938 – Entered the Iraqi Military Academy.


1941 – Become part in the Rashid Ali revolt.


1959 – Forced to retire from the Army because of his alleged leadership of a rebellion in Mosul.


1963 – Prime Minister for 10 months following the Ba’th coup.


1964 – Removed as Vice president, but retained control of the Regional Command of the Ba’th Party.


1968-1979 – Served as President of Iraq.


1979 – Stepped down for presidency because of ostensibly on health grounds.


1982 – He died 4th of October and received little recognition from the new regime.