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Amin, Nurul

Born: 1897 AD
Died: 1974 AD
Nationality: Pakistani
Categories: Prime Ministers

1897 – Born on July 15th at village Shahbazpur in Brahmanbaria district.


1915 – He passed entrance examination from Mymensingh Zila School, I.A.


1917 – Received his B.A from Mymensingh Ananda Mohan College.


1924 – Joined the Mymensingh Judge Court Bar after obtaining his B.L degree from Calcutta University.


1929 – Started his public career as a member of Mymensingh Local Board. 


1930 – He became a member of Mymensingh District Board.


1932 – Became the commissioner of Mymensingh Municipality. 


1937-1945 – He was the chairman of Mymensingh District Board. 


        – Nurul Amin was the president of Mymensingh district unit of muslim league, and was elected the vice president of Bengal Provincial Muslim League.


1946 – Amin was elected a member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly and was elected its Speaker.


1947-1954 – He was also a member of the Pakistan National Assembly.


       – Nurul Amin was elected the chief minister of East Pakistan.


       – He opposed the language movement, and was allegedly instrumental to the killing of language activists by police firing on 21 February.


       – He was defeated by the united front candidate in the Provincial Assembly elections.


1962 – Joined National Democratic Front (NDF) headed by Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy and was thus associated with the movement against autocratic rule of Ayub Khan.


1964 – He was elected president of NDF after the death of Suhrawardy.


1965-1969 – He was elected member of the National Assembly and was the leader of the combined opposition Parliamentary Party.


       – Amin was made the chairman of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) formed as an united platform of National Democratic Front, jamaat-e-islami, Nezam-e-Islam, Council Muslim League, and awami league (pro 8-point).

1971 – He was prime minister of Pakistan.


1972-1973 – He was the Vice President of Pakistan. 


1974 – Died in Rawalpindi on 2 October.