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Ames, Aldrich Hazen

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.
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1941 – Born on May 26th in River Falls, Wisconsin to Carleton Cecil Ames and Rachel Aldrich Ames.

1957 – Secured a summer job at the CIA as a General Schedule (GS)-3 on the federal government salary scale after his sophomore year at McLean (Virginia) High School.

1959 – Entered the University of Chicago, where he pursued a long time passion for drama, and where he intended to study foreign cultures and history.

1960 – He again obtained employment at the CIA, working as a laborer/painter at a facility in Virginia.

         – He returned to the University of Chicago but because of failing grades resulting from his devotion to the theater, he did not finish out the school year.

1962 – He worked as an assistant technical director at a Chicago theater until February, when he returned to the Washington, D.C. area and obtained full time employment at the CIA as a GS-4 clerk typist.

1969 – He married his first wife, Nancy Segebarth, who was also a participant in the CIA’s Career Trainee Program.

         – Ames was promoted to GS-10 in October and was given his first overseas assignment to Ankara, Turkey.

1972 – Ames returned to CIA headquarters where he spent the next 4 years in the Soviet-East European (SE) Division of the DO.

1973 – He was given Russian language training, and thereafter was assigned to a position where he supported CIA operations against Soviet officials in the U.S.

1982 – Received his last promotion to GS-14.

1985 – Leaked information to Soviets leading to executions of ten Soviets working as spies for U.S.

1994 – Ames and his wife, Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy, pled guilty to charges stemming from their espionage activities.

         – Arrested for espionage on the 21st of February by the FBI when 144 reports were found in his possession, none of which had anything to do with his duties.

2.6 (52.5%) 72 votes