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Abraham Levy

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1991 AD
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1886 – Born on the 25th of December in Morrocco. 1940-1980 – He was considered one of the top five richest men in the world from the 40’s to the 80’s. According to pictures found in the National Archives in Mexico City CONACULTA AND LA BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DE MEXICO Levy was the co-owner of Levi Strauss along with his second cousin Jacob Strauss after Levy Strauss passed away. 1959 – He used the land to grow cotton for Levi Strauss. According to a report appearing in the “Excelsior” newspaper in Mexico City, he was not a social person but was frequently seen with charismatic and flamboyant individuals like the great painter Salvador Dali. 1991 – Died on the 15th of September. The living descendants of Abraham Levy are his daughter Margaret Levy and her children: Raul Julia-Levy (1971), Elizabeth Levy (1974), Mexican attorney and politicianJose Martin Levy (1977), Betty Levy (1978), Mexican veterinarian Richard Levy (1979), Mexican architect Carlos Levy (1980). The Levy family’s presence continues to be influential throughout Latin America. Along with his brother Jose Levy, Julia-Levy established a foundation to provide scholarships to select indigenous groups throughout Mexico. The National Foundation for the Education of the Indigenous will work through the United Nations beginning in January 2007.

3 (59.17%) 96 votes