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There are so many great shows on television right now. The large variety of popular genres gives viewers a jam-packed schedule full of shows to keep up with. TVs are getting better and bigger and the quality of television seems to be advancing everyday. The TV industry is at an ultimate high.

Only with Charter Communications services does TV really reach its utmost peak.  Charter Spectrum packages offer a massive amount of channels, a digital video recording service, On Demand features, and on-the-go digital networks. You can save even more with Charter Spectrum Bundles, with Charter Spectrum Voice and Charter Spectrum Internet.

Charter Spectrum packages provide customers with no less than 125 channels and up to over 200 channels including free HD channels. Premium movie channels offered by Charter include HBO, SHOWTIME, EPIX, Cinemax, STARZ, and The Movie Channel.

All charter packages include ESPN, Big Ten Network, MLB Network, Fox Sports 1, and GOLF Channel catering to the needs of all the sports fans out there. For diehard sports fans, Charter also offers subscriptions to channels such as NFL Network, NFL RedZone, ESPNU, Sportsman Channel, and the Outdoor Channel.

High definition (HD) channels take television imagery to a new level. With six times sharper resolution as standard definition and immaculate color, with an HD TV, Charter Cable's free HD service can bring a whole new, charming experience straight to your screen.

The digital video recording system from Charter Cable makes it possible to keep up with all the shows you don't have time to watch and/or watch your favorite show that come on at the same time as another favorite does. Charter Spectrum DVR makes it possible for you to no longer have to rush home to make it in time for the beginning of a new episode or to be burdened with the feeling of guilt for choosing to watch one show over another.

The Charter Spectrum DVR makes it possible to watch one show while recording the other. Charter Spectrum TV services can connect to over four TV sets in the same household and the DVR has the ability to service them all, making it possible to record numerous shows all at the same time. The DVR helps keep peace within the household where everyone has their own separate, vast number of favorite shows to keep up with.

The DVR has a massive amount of storage available. There is enough room on the DVR to record an entire season of a show. This makes it to where you can watch all episodes in one sitting without anxiety-ridden cliffhangers or annoying commercial breaks.

Charter TV Savings

Have a favorite show that you watch with friends or family from a distance? Our favorite program can create a bond between yourself and others who enjoy them just as much. If you like to discuss your favorite shows during commercial breaks or right after the show, or need to vote for your favorite act on competition shows within the allotted voting period, you no longer have to stress when you can't catch the episode right on time. The DVR from Charter Cable makes it possible to rewind and pause live television, and to fast-forward through commercial breaks to catch up to live television. Use the On Screen Guide to decide what you're going to watch next!

Charter Spectrum On Demand offers customers over 10,000 movie and show titles. Charter Spectrum On Demand comes with free On Demand shows from channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS and more. On Demand also offers subscriptions to premium channels or hosts of cable channels that are not offered by Charter Communications. You can also get access to epic Pay-Per-View events with your Charter Spectrum TV service.

Charter Spectrum TV also provides up to 13 downloadable mobile applications, making it possible to watch your favorite networks and programs on the go, anywhere you go. These Charter Spectrum TV Apps range from Disney Channel, to HBO, to ESPN.

Charter Communications TV Service makes it possible to get all the shows that all members of the same household desire without the argument of who gets to watch what and when. Charter TV provides shows and movies of all variety and creates a system where all customers can be pleased at the same time at or away from home.

With Charter Spectrum TV the possibilities are endless.

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