Charter Spectrum Internet®

  • Bandwidth to support more devices than
    other internet providers
  • Free internet modem

Charter Cable Offers Free DVR Service

If You Want Fast, You Need Charter Spectrum Internet®

Charter High Speed Internet Deals

Charter Communications gives you Internet service that is faster and more reliable than ever before. Charter Internet is far more superior to any other service out there right now. Save even more money with Charter Spectrum Bundles.

Charter Spectrum Internet makes downloading a piece of cake! It provides you with extremely fast connection speeds and enough bandwidth to support multiple devices. It also provides customers with a free modem and keeps you safe a top of the line security system.

Charter Cable offers high-speed Internet with download speeds that reach up to 30 Mbps. With capability like that, it is possible to download music, upload files and pictures, as well as stream videos all at the same time - quickly and efficiently. Music is downloaded in seconds with Charter Spectrum Internet worth hours of jam sessions. Charter Spectrum's amazing Internet speed makes life much easier for all the multi-tasking computer gurus out there.

You’ll never worry about your children coming across inappropriate websites with Charter Cable Internet Parental Controls. This feature helps block any websites you don't want to be seen by your children. You can control these websites by category, age level appropriateness, or time of day. You can feel good again about letting your child surf the web without having to keep a physical eye on their screen.

Charter Spectrum's Internet Security Suite also helps to keep potential identity thieves away from your e-mail account and inbox. Security Suite detects Internet hackers, viruses, and unwanted spam automatically.

Charter High Speed Internet Deals

Security Suite is available to be downloaded on up to 3 computers for free when you order Charter Spectrum's Internet package.

Charter Spectrum Wi-Fi is top of the notch. The ranges and speeds available through Wi-Fi are unbelievably high. It is so accessible and speedy that multiple people within the same household can reach ready and reliable Internet service on any Internet capable device without getting in the way of the other.

You will never be stuck without Internet connection or any other technical difficulties you may encounter with Charter Spectrum's 24/7 available technical support services. Also, if anything happens to your supplied router, Charter Communications will make sure it is replaced for no cost. Charter Cable cares about its customers and is dedicated to making sure you are getting what you need when you need it.

Charter Spectrum Internet service makes it easy for you to feel good again about using the Internet for anything and everything your life requires and your heart desires. Check Charter Spectrum's other great services, Charter Spectrum TV and Charter Spectrum Home Phone!

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