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Charter Spectrum bundles are the way to go. That is, if you want three completely satisfying services combined into one triple threat sum at unbelievably affordable low rates. Charter Communications offers the power trio of Charter Spectrum TV, Charter Spectrum Internet, and Charter Spectrum Voice into one great deal that is far too good to be true yet is, in fact, true. Bundling up makes all your services compatible with each other as well as much more convenient. You're able to combine three separate bills into one sole bill; saving you time and money.

Charter TV Deals

Charter Spectrum TV Select is top of the notch television service. It includes a huge variety of channels, On Demand features, on-the-go networks, and an amazing digital video recording system.

Charter Spectrum TV DVR system has massive storage space, pause and rewind options for live television, the ability to record more than one program at a time, and is able to connect to up to four different TV sets under the same roof.

The DVR with Charter Spectrum can store up to an entire season of a television show making it possible to watch the whole season at one sitting without any undesired interruptions.  Storage allows for up to 780 hours.

The DVR connects up to four different TV sets. Each TV is capable of watching one show while recording another when connected with the DVR, therefore making it possible to record a multiple amount of programs at once.

Imagine being in control of what you watch. It's almost as if you're the director of the TV yourself. With TV Select DVR, you can! You can pause and rewind live television with the Charter Spectrum TV Select DVR for when an emergency hits and you need to use the rest room during an important scene or you can't make out what exactly the person on the TV said at first take. You can also fast-forward to catch back up to live television and fast-forward through your recorded programs.

Charter Spectrum TV offers packages with up to over 200 channels including free HD channels, multiple premium movie channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, EPIX, encore, and The Movie Channel.

All packages include sports channels such as ESPN, MLB Network, GOLF Channel, Fox Sports 1, and Big Ten Network. Premium sports channels are also available. These include NFL Network, ESPNU, NFL RedZone, Outdoor Channel, and Sportsman Channel.

Charter High Speed Internet Deals

Charter Spectrum TV Select offers On Demand that features free showings from channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and more. You can also subscribe to channels from hosts of other cable channels or other premium channels. On Demand also allows you to order epic events from Pay-Per-View.

With 23 available downloadable mobile web applications, Charter Spectrum TV Select makes it possible to watch shows and networks on the go, anywhere you go, on your mobile devices. This feature is easily accessible and compatible to your daily pace! 

If you think Charter Spectrum TV service is great, imagine an even greater step forward with Charter Spectrum's Internet Plus. Internet Plus makes surfing the web completely safe secure, gives you super fast Internet speed with impeccable quality, and makes it possible for multiple devices to run off one Internet source.

Charter Spectrum Internet has such a big bandwidth that everyone in your home can use the Internet at one time without causing difficulties for themselves or others.

Download speeds are up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds are up to 4Mbps, making it possible to stream videos, upload pictures, and download music all at the same time while maintaining quality performance.

Charter Spectrum Internet provides users with Charter Security Suite that protects users from identity theft and keeps hackers away from your e-mail inbox. Security Suite also automatically detects viruses, hackers, and spam from making their way to your computer.

And don't forget that if something happens to your router, Charter Communications will replace it for free.

Charter Home Phone Deals

Charter Spectrum Home Phone completes the bundle with a large number of great features.

Charter Spectrum's Home Phone offers 13 calling features. Some of which include call waiting, caller ID, and Voicemail among other excellent functions.

Charter Spectrum's home phone line provides users with unlimited local and long distance calls within the U.S., Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Canada, and Guam.

Charter Spectrum Home Phone gives you access to 411 without any extra cost for those last minute need-it-now phone numbers.

Charter's Spectrum Phone also adds security to your home with its ability to work with most home security systems and battery backup capability. Even in the case of a power outage, as long as your battery is charged, Charter Spectrum home phones have up to 5 hours of talk time and 8 hours of stand-by battery power. Phone service also has enhanced 911 services, in cases of emergency.

With Charter Spectrum bundle you have anything and everything you need to stay connected in all shapes and forms!

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