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Zane, Ebenezer

Born: 1747 AD
Died: 1811 AD
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1747 – Born on the 7th of October near present-day Moorefield, W. Virginia


1767 – He started on his journey to Ohio River with some of his company but deserted it because of the harshness of the weather.


1768 – He and his family and others proceeded to take possession of his rights in the west with his brother Jonathan and Silas.


1769 – Founded the Ohio River Settlement of Zanesburg.


1770 – He pioneered the building of a permanent establishment on Ohio river. Zane and his two brothers decided to establish the settlement in Wheeling, Virginia. He acted as the Leader of the Group.



1782 – Successfully defended Fort Henry at Wheeling from British and Indian attacks during the American Revolution He defended Fort Henry from attacks.


1796 – His offer to build a road from Wheeling to Limestones was accepted by the congress in exchange for three mile square lots along the route. He obtained a Congress permission to blaze a trail through Ohio to Kentucky. He also opened the famous Zane’s trace and started settlements.


1811- On the 19th of Novemeber, he died at the age of 64.

3 (59.58%) 48 votes