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Zacconi, Lodovico

Born: 1555 AD
Died: 1627 AD

1555 – On the 11th of June, an Italian-Austrian composer was born in Presario, Marche.


1577 – He studied at the church of San Stefano, Venice.


1583 – He became the student of Andrea Gabrieli.


1584 – He got accepted as a singer at San Marco. In the same year, he met a prominent Venetian School theorist named Zarlino.


1585 – He joined Archduke Karl of Graz for five years.


1590 – He joined the chapel of Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria.


1592 – He published the book Prattica Di Musica in Venice.


1596 – He retuned to Italy.


1597 – He worked as a preacher and administrator of Presario.


1612 – At the age of 57, he retired to Presario.


1618 – A part of Zacconi’s work was being incorporated by Michael Praetorious into his Syntagma Musicum.


1619 – His second book of Prattica Di Musica was released.


1622 – He passed away in Fiorenzuola di Focara.