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Vaughan, Henry

Born: 1622 AD
Died: 1695 AD
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1622 – Henry Vaughan, born on the 17th of April in Newton-upon-Usk, Breconshire, Wales. He was a Welsh metaphysical poet and a doctor.

1640 – Left Oxford to study law in London for two years.

1645 – Colonel Herbert Price raised troops for the King, and  entertained him at the Priory, where he may have met him, before taking part in the battle of Rowton Heath and the siege of Beeston Castle.

1646 – He published ‘Poems with the Tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished’.

1650 – His greatest poetry is contained in the later ‘Silex Scintillans’.

1651 –  ‘Olor Iscanus’ or ‘The Swan of Usk’, a collection of secular poetry with four prose translations, was published. This title was to furnish the affectionate nickname for the poet.

1678 – Published a few more works, including ‘Thalia rediviva’ , none of which equalled the fire of ‘Silex’.

1695 – Died on the 28th of April in  Scethrog, Brecknockshire, Wales.

2.9 (57.37%) 38 votes