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Ulloa, Antonio de

Born: 1716 AD
Died: 1795 AD
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1716 – Born on January 12th in Seville, Spain. Naval officer and scientist.

1733 – He entered the navy.

1735 – He was appointed with sentence–>Jorge Juan, another young Spaniards, a member of a scientific expedition which the French Academy of Sciences was sending to Peru to measure a degree of the meridian at the equator.

1745 – He and Jorge Juan prepared to return to Spain, agre eing to travel on different ships in order to minimize the danger of losing the important fruits of their labours.

         – The ship upon which Ulloa was traveling was captured by the British, and he was taken as a prisoner to England.

1766 – He was sent as Governor to "La Florida Occidental" (Louisiana), where he remained two years.

1779  – He became lieutenant-general of the naval forces.

1784 – As a result of his scientific work in Peru, he published (Madrid) "Relación histórica del viaje á la América Meridional", which contains a full, accurate, and clear description of the greater part of South America geographically, and of its inhabitants and natural history.

1795 – Died on July 5th in Cadiz, Spain.

1826 – In collaboration with the Jorge Juan mentioned above, he also wrote "Noticias secretas de América", giving valuable information regarding the early religious orders in Spanish America. This work was published by David Barry in London.

2.6 (51.25%) 16 votes