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Tyndale, William

Born: 1494 AD
Died: 1536 AD
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1494 – He was born this year in North Nibley (15 miles south-west of Gloucester), England.

1505 – He enrolled at Oxford, and grew up at the University.

1515 – He received his Master’s Degree at the age of twenty-one! He proved to be a gifted linguist.

1520 – He became a tutor in the family of Sir John Walsh, at Little Sodbury in Gloucestershire.

1524 – He set out for the continent and appears to have visited Hamburg and Wittenberg, where he t

translated the New Testament.

1525 – His Biblical translation of the New Testament appeared this year.

1532 – His first original composition, A Pathway into the Holy Scripture, is really a reprint, slightly altered, of his Prologue to the quarto edition of his New Testament, and had appeared in separate form.

1534 – He settled at Antwerp and combined the work of an evangelist with that of a translator of the Bible.

1536 – He died on the 6th day of October this year at Vilvoorden (6 miles north-east of Brussels), Belgium. He was burned at the, at the instigation of agents of Henry VIII and the Anglican Church.

2.3 (45.71%) 14 votes