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Tojo, Eiki

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1948 AD
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1884 – Born in Tokyo, Japan on December 30th. The Prime Minister of Japan.

1905 – The son of an army general, he graduated from the Japanese Military Academy, the year that Japan destroyed the Russian Pacific navy and established herself as a military power.

1909 – He married and entered the Army War College.

1924-1929 – Worked his way up the army ladder when he served in the War Ministry and then was appointed commander of the First infantry Regiment in Tokyo.

1935 – He was transferred to the Japanese-controlled puppet state of Manchukuo, formerly Manchuria in Northern China where he was made military police commander of the of the Kwantung Army (the Japanese forces in Manchuria) and two years later appointed Chief of Staff of the Kwantung.

1940 – Upon his recall to the Japanese capital he became vice-minister for war and on July 22nd, Tojo entered the cabinet as war minister, strongly supporting the Tripartite Act between Imperial Japan, Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy.

1941 – The decision by the United States to embargo Japan following news of the invasion of Saigon put the two powers on a collision course. The shake up forced the resignation of Prime Minister Konoye Fumimaro and on October 17th Tojo became Premier – while simultaneously keeping the war portfolio.

1944 – The war went Japan’s way until July when Saipan fell, leaving the home islands within range of US bombers and forcing Tojo to resign.

1945-1946 – After Japan’s defeat he attempted to commit suicide but failed on September 11th, being brought to trail in front of a tribunal in May.

1948 – The trial lasted two years and on December 23rd, having been found guilty mistreatment of POWs and of unprovoked attacks against Japan’s neighbors he was executed.

2.4 (47.27%) 33 votes