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Thorndike, Edward Lee

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1949 AD
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1874 – Born on the 31st of August.

         – His entire career at Teachers College, Columbia University.

         – His work on animal behaviour and the learning process led to the theory of connectionism.

         – Thorndike’s most famous contributions were his research on how cats learned to escape from puzzle boxes and his related formulation of the law of effect.

1911 – "In the first place, most of the books do not give us a psychology, but rather a eulogy of animals. They have all been about animal intelligence, never about animal stupidity.

         – Thorndike meant to distinguish clearly whether or not cats escaping from puzzle boxes were using insight.

         – Thorndike also studied auxiliary languages and influenced the work of the International Auxiliary Language Association, which developed Interlingua.

1949 – Died on the 9th of August.

2.2 (43.08%) 13 votes