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Thompson, David

Born: 1770 AD
Died: 1857 AD
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1770 – He was born on the 30th day of April this year in London, England. He married Charlotte Small, a Métis, the "Woman of the Paddle Song." He and Charlotte had 13 children.


1784 – He joined the Hudson’s Bay Company as an apprentice in 1784


1785 – He was sent to Canada to serve with the Hudson’s Bay Company, and served under apprentice for seven years.


1792 – From this year to 1812, he explored and mapped the country west of Hudson Bay and Lake Superior, across the Rocky Mountains to the headwaters of the Columbia River and down the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean.


1797 – He left the Hudson’s Bay Company and joined the North West Company.[2] The maps he made of the Columbia River basin east of the Cascade Mountains were of such high quality and detail that they continued to be regarded as authoritative well into the mid-20th century.


1811 – In his published journals, Thompson recorded seeing large footprints near what is now Jasper, Alberta, in this year. 1857 – He died on the 10th day of February tis year in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2.8 (55.29%) 17 votes