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Story, Joseph

Born: 1779 AD
Died: 1845 AD
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1779 – Born on September 18th in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, who joined Chief Justice John Marshall in giving juristic support to the development of American nationalism.

1801 – After graduation from Harvard, Story practiced law at Salem, Massachusetts, became prominent in the Jeffersonian Republican (afterward called the Democratic) Party.

1805 – Was elected to the state legislature.

1808 – Served part of a term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

1810-1811 – Returned to the Massachusetts House of Representatives and was chosen its speaker.

         – President James Madison appointed Story, at the age of only 32 and without judicial experience, to the Supreme Court.

1816 – His opinion for the court in Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee established the appellate authority of the Supreme Court over the highest state courts in all civil cases involving the federal Constitution, statutes, and treaties.

1829 – While also teaching law at Harvard, he delivered lectures that he elaborated into a monumental series of nine legal commentaries, some of which had international influence.

         – Story accepted the first Dane professorship of law, founded specifically for him at Harvard Law School by a writer on law, Nathan Dane.

1832-1845 – The endowment paid for the publication of Story’s commentaries: Bailments, On the Constitution, 3 vol., The Conflict of Laws, Equity Jurisprudence, 2 vol., Equity Pleadings, Agency, Partnership, Bills of Exchange, and Promissory Notes.

         – Died on September 10th in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2 (40%) 3 votes