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Stojko, Elvis

Born: 1972 AD
Currently alive, at 46 years of age.
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1972 – Elvis Stojko, born on the 22nd of March in New Market, Ontario. He is a Canadian figure skating world champion.

1991 – At the World Championships, he became the first person to land a quadruple-double jump combination.

1994 – 1998 – He won silver medals at the 94′ Winter Olympics and the 98′ Winter Olympics.

1995 – He suffered a serious ankle injury at the Canadian Championships but was determined to compete anyway.

1997 – At the Grand Prix Finale he became the first person to land a quadruple-triple jump. He repeated the feat at the World Champtionships.

1998 – His silver medal in the Olympics was earned after a very difficult performance.

2001 – He did not participate in the Canadian Championships.

2002 – At Salt Lake, he placed 8th in the men’s event.

       – He briefly reinstated as an Olympic-eligible skater and publicly declared his intention to compete in the 06′ Olympics in Turin, Italy, before changing his mind and resuming his professional skating career.

2006 – He retired from skating on August 10th. His last performance was a gala performance for the Mariposa skating club, where he trained most of his amateur career.

2.6 (51.58%) 19 votes