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Somerville, Mary

Born: 1780 AD
Died: 1872 AD
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1780 – Born on the 26th of December.

1741 – She was the daughter of Admiral Sir William George Fairfax, and was born at the manse of Jedburgh, in the Borders, the house of her mother’s sister, wife of Dr Thomas Somerville, author of My Own Life and Times, whose son would become Mary’s second husband.

1804 – She married her distant cousin, the Russian Consul in London, Captain Samuel Greig.

1812 – She married another cousin, Dr William Somerville, inspector of the Army Medical Board, who encouraged and greatly aided her in the study of the physical sciences.

1831 – She greatly popularized its form, and its publication, under the title of The Mechanism of the Heavens, at once made her famous.

1834 – Her other works are the Connection of the Physical Sciences.

1835 – She and Caroline Herschel became the first women members of the Royal Astronomical Society.

         – She received a pension of £300 from government.

1848 – Physical Geography.

1869 – Molecular and Microscopic Science.

1872 – Died at Naples on the 28th of November and is buried in the English Cemetery there.


4.1 (82.67%) 45 votes