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Schechter, Solomon

Born: 1850 AD
Died: 1915 AD
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1850 – He was born this year in Romania. He received his early education from his father.


1890 – He was appointed to the faculty at Cambridge University, serving as a lecturer in talmudics and reader in rabbinics.


1896 – His greatest academic fame came from his exposition in this year, of the papers of the Cairo Geniza, an extraordinary collection of over 100,000 pages of rare Hebrew manuscripts and medieval Jewish texts that were preserved in an Egyptian synagogue.


1899 – He became a Professor of Hebrew at University College, London, in this year.


1902 – Traditional Jews reacting against the progress of the American Reform Judaism movement, which was trying to establish an authoritative synod of American rabbis, recruited him to become President of the Jewish Theological Seminary.


1902 – He served as the second President of the seminary, from this year until 1915, during which time he founded the United Synagogue of America, later known as the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.









2.6 (52.63%) 19 votes