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Sapir, Edward

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1939 AD
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1884 – Edward Sapir, born on the 26th of January in Lauenburg, Pomerania, Germany. He was an American anthropologist-linguist, a leader in American structural linguistics, and one of the creators of what is now called the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

1909 – Took up studies of the Wishram and Takelma languages of Southwestern Oregon, and received his Ph.D. in anthropology.

1904 – Received his BA German, at Columbia University.

1905 – Received his MA German, at Columbia University.

1907 – 1908 – Franz Boas arranged his employment in researching the nearly extinct Yana language of northern California.

1910 – 1925 – He built and directed the Anthropological Division in the Geological Survey of Canada, in Ottawa.

1921 – Among the many accomplishments of this very productive period are a substantial series of publications on Nootka and other languages, and his seminal book Language.

1931 – He was at Yale University, where he became the head of the Department of Anthropology.

1939 – Died of heart problems in New Haven, Connecticut, on the 4th of February at the age of 55.

2.5 (50.4%) 25 votes