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Sachs, Michael

Born: 1808 AD
Died: 1864 AD
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1808 – He was born this year in Germany.


1836 – He was one of the first Jewish graduates from the modern universities, earning a Ph.D. degree in this year. He was also appointed rabbi this year in Prague.


1844 – He became a rabbi this year in Berlin. . He took the conservative side against the Reform agitation, and so strongly opposed the introduction of the organ into the Synagogue that he retired from the Rabbinate rather than acquiesce.


1845 – He co-operated with Zunz in a new translation of the Bible. Sachs is best remembered for his work on Hebrew poetry, Religioese Poesie der Juden in Spanien in this year.


1852 – His more ambitious critical work “Beitrage zur Sprach- und Alterthumsforschung” (two volumes) in this year and in 1854.


1853 – His very popular work by Sachs contains poetic paraphrases of Rabbinic legends (Stimmen porn Jordan und Euphrat) was written this year.


1866 – Sachs was one of the greatest preachers of his age, and published two volumes of Sermons in this year and in 1891.


1864 – He died this year.

2.7 (54.78%) 23 votes