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Okubo, Toshimichi

Born: 1830 AD
Died: 1878 AD
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1830 – Born on the 10th of August in Kagoshima, Satsuma Province.

1846 – He was given the position of aide to the domain’s achivist.

1858 – He was appointed the position of tax administrator.

1866 – He met with Saigo Takamori and Choshu domain’s Kido Takayoshi, to form the secret Satcho Alliance to overthrow the Tokugawa.

1871 – He worked to secure revision of the Unequal Treaties and joined the Iwakura Mission on its around-the-world trip.

1873 – He returned to Japan to prevent an invasion of Korea (Seikanron).

1875 – He participated in the Osaka Conference in an attempt to bring about a reconciliation with the other members of the Meiji Oligarchy.

1878 – He was one of the most influential leaders of the Meiji Restoration and the establishment of modern governmental structures.

       – He died on the 14th of May.

2.3 (46.67%) 3 votes