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Nabakishore Chanda

Born: 1964 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.
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 Nabakishore Chanda, born on 4th January 1964, in a remote village called Bhetia Dakshin ( Bhetia South) in the state of West Bengal in India.  He comes from a family of cultivators of land. But his father was a head master of a primary school. He was brought up in the midst of the nature, full of plants, trees, paddy fields, ponds and rivers.  In his childhood, he was surrounded by the open blue sky and greenery. The house he lived in was made of clay. Thus he was as close to nature as you can get.  his father died when he was just twelve years of age and after that his family was plunged into deep financial trouble. He has three brothers and three sisters and all were brought up in some amount of material deprivation. After completing school in 1984 from the village school, he did his graduation from Midnapur College, in a town close to his village. For higher studies he came to Calcutta in 1987. His master’s degree in Bengali Language and Literature he obtained from Calcutta University. All through hardship was a way of life for him. Life took a more comfortable turn when he got an appointment in 1996 as lecturer in Bengali Language and Literature in Vivekananda College, Thakurpukur, Kolkata. He continue holding this job, having a more senior position now. In 1999, he went to Shantiniketan (Viswabharati University) with his family and friends and this is the place where he got the inspiration which guided him towards painting. He does not have any institutional training in art, but after that period painting became his first love and passion. In fact he was advised by an artist friend of him not to take any training and allow his spontaneity free reign. He has stood by that advice. He has exhibited his paintings solo as well as in collaboration with other painters in a number of cities in different parts of India and his paintings have got appreciation from artists and art critics. Teaching is his profession, but today painting is the sphere to which he relate better. More people in fact know him as a painter. He wishes his paintings to get known to more and more people in the world.


Solo Exhibition:-(1)2004Birla Academy of Art & Culture,kolkata,India(2)2007-Samokal Art Gallery,Kolkata,India(sponsored)(3)2008-PegasusArt Gallery,Hyderabad,India(sponsored).

Group Exhibition:- 1. 2003 – Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, India. 2. 2003 – Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi, India. 3. 2005 – Chemold Art Gallery, Kolkata, India. 4. 2005-06 – Abstract Art Gallery, Bangalore, India. (sponsored) 5. 2006 – Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata India. (sponsored) 6. 2006 – Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India. 7. 2006 – New Times Book & Arts Shop, Kolkata, India. (sponsored) 8. 2006 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored) 9. 2006 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored) 10. 2007 – Ashutosh Birth Centenary Hall, Kolkata, India. (sponsored) 11. 2007 – Metropolitan Art Saloon, Kolkata, India. 12. 2007 – 25th Baisakh Art Gallery, Kolkata, India. 13. 2007 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored) 14. 2007 – Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)15. 2009-Chemold Art Gallery, Kolkata, India.(sponsored by artistic impression)16. 2009-South city Mall,Kolkata, India.(sponsored byemami chisel art & artistic impression)

ANNUAL EVENT AND WORKSHOP :- 1. 2003 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India. 2. 2006 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India. 3. 2007 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India. 4. 2006 – Flower Show, Forest Dept., Govt. of W.B., India. 5. 2003 – Achin Patua, Street Exhibition, Kolkata, India. 6. 2006 – Ichhapur Artist Forum, WB. India. 7. 2007 – Achin Patua, Street Exhibition, Kolkata, India. 8. 2007 – Oriental Society of India Art, Kolkata, India (Guest Artist).

BOOK COVER DESIGN AND OTHERS :-1. Calcutta Tramwayman – Dr. Siddhartha Guha Roy. 2. Naljatak – Rabin Pyne. 3. 2007 – Saradiya Joka Samachar. 4. Paintings have been used in a documentary on Shakti Chattopadhyay, directed by Suranjan Roy.5. 2008 – Saradiya Joka Samachar.6. 2009 – Saradiya Joka Samachar.

COLLECTION:- Kolkata, Delhi, Alipurduar, Baroda, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Barong (Sikkim), Oman, Liverpool, Manchester, Washington,Canada.


Bewitching lines

 Nabakishore Chanda’s paintings seem to emanate from the earth itself despite the intricacy of lines that seem to dominate them. The pristine quality of the faces that emerge from the lines startle us with their freshness which reminds us of vernal showers at times. On the other hand , a sense of mystery seems to tease us out of thought as we gaze at some of the paintings, perplexed by the serpentine quality of the lines. The subdued colours evoke a sense of mellow understanding about the intriguing flow of life, its elusiveness and its beauty.

Having his roots in rural Bengal, Nabakishore understands life both in its primal and natural essence as well as the complexities that come in its way as life gathers experience and understanding.

Debdutta Gupta

Art Critic

India Today



 Line is the forte of Nabakishore’s paintings. They swirl, surge, intertwine, even retreat and move diagrammatically convering the pictorial space. Nabakishore lets his pen or brush move on the paper freely. The figures born out of those lines and of the exuberant colour splashes have a naive charm about them. They show faces of a next-door girl or of a folk deity and recall the images that we see in folk art of rural Bengal. In his paintings, symboils including the phallic ones create a primordial ambience. His browns and yellows, red and greens trapped in the darkness make up a rich fabric of forms. Nabakishore is a self taught painter who teaches Bengali language and literature in a college. his knowledge of medieval Bengali poetry is simply reflected in the images that he paints. As a painter, he recreates the world of mythology and folklore in a visual language that seems unique.



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1.8 (36.16%) 73 votes