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Messick, Dahlia

Born: 1906 AD
Died: 2005 AD
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1906 – Born on April 11th in South Bend, Indiana. American cartoonist and creator of the character Brenda Starr.

         – Born as Dalia Messick, Dale changed her name due to bias in the comic industry.

1930 – Dale based Brenda’s name off of a debutante and the appearance of Brenda was based on Rita Hayworth, an American actress’s appearance.

1985 – Retired, but "Brenda Starr" is still running. It is now written by Mary Schmich and drawn by June Brigman.

1998 – After her stroke, Dale could no longer draw.

2005 – Died after a series of strokes on April 5th in Penngrove, California at the age of 98.

1 (20%) 1 vote