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Meir, Golda

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1978 AD
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1898 – She was born on the 3rd day of May this year in Kiev, Russian Empire.


1903 – Her father left for the United States; the rest of the family stayed in Pinsk.


1906 – Her family followed Moshe to the United States. She also went to college and got a teaching degree. She attended the Fourth Street School (now Golda Meir School) across from the Schlitz Brewing Complex this year up to 1912.


1912 – She began attending North Division High School and took part-time jobs to pay expenses.


1913 – She returned to Milwaukee and re-enrolled at North Division, graduating in 1915.


1915 – She formally joined the Labour Zionist Organization.


1917 – She and Morris married and began planning to make aliyah (emigration to the Land of Israel, then a part of the Ottoman Empire). The couple, together with Golda’s elder sister Sheyna emigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine in 1921.


1921 – She and her husband, Morris Myerson, immigrated to Palestine to help found a Jewish state.


1928 – She was elected secretary of the Women’s Labour Council of Histadrut.


1948 – She was one of twenty-four people (and one of only two women) who signed the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel on May 14th of this year.


1949 – She was assigned to be the first ambassador to the Soviet Union. She served there briefly, leaving this year.


1951 – Her husband Morris died this year.


1956 – She became Foreign Minister under Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.


1960 – She was diagnosed with lymphoma, which she concealed, concerned that others might deem her unfit for service.


1965 – She resigned from the Cabinet, citing illness and exhaustion from her years of service.


1968 – She served as Secretary General of the newly created Alignment for eight months and retired again on August 1st this year.


1969 – She came out of retirement to take office on March 17th of this year and would serve as Prime Minister until 1974.


1972 – She appealed to the world to "save our citizens and condemn the unspeakable criminal acts committed”.


1973 – Her government was distracted by internal squabbles among the governing coalition. In addition, it had to face serious questions over strategic misjudgments as well as the general lack of leadership that resulted in inadequate preparedness at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War.


1974 – She resigned as prime minister and was succeeded by Yitzhak Rabin on June 3rd of this year.


1977 – She was portrayed by Anne Bancroft on Broadway in William Gibson’s play Golda.


1978 – She died on the 8th day of December this year because of cancer in Jerusalem at the age of 80. She was buried on Mount Herzl, in Jerusalem on December 12, 1978.

2.9 (58.62%) 29 votes