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Master P

Born: 1969 AD
Currently alive, at 49 years of age.
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1969 – He was born on April 29 of this year in New Orleans, LA. During his teens, he was on the outside of the drug and hustling culture, but he also pursued a love of basketball. He won sports scholarship at the University of Houston.


1990 – He decided to turn No Limit into a record label in this year.


1994 – This year, he debuted with Get Away Clean and later had an underground hit with “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me.”


1995 – His own album 99 Ways to Die was released this year, and Ice Cream Man appeared the following year.


1997 – He financed the production himself, and when he found no distributor, it went straight to video in the summer of this year.


1998 – His next film, I Got the Hook Up, appeared in theaters during the summer of this year, concurrent with the release of his album “MP da Last Don.”


1999 – He recorded his album “Only God Can Judge Me.”









2.6 (52.94%) 17 votes