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Macpherson, James

Born: 1736 AD
Died: 1796 AD
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1736 – James Macpherson, born on the 27th of October in Ruthven in the parish of Kingussie, Badenoch, Inverness-shire, Highland. He was a Scottish poet, known as the "translator" of the Ossian cycle of poems.

1753 – He was sent to King’s College, Aberdeen, moving two years later to Marischal College (the two institutions later became the University of Aberdeen).

1758 – He published, notably The Highlander, which he is said to have tried to suppress afterwards.

1760 – He produced a number of pieces translated from the Scottish Gaelic, which he was induced to publish at Edinburgh, as Fragments of Ancient Poetry collected in the Highlands of Scotland.

1761 – He announced the discovery of an epic on the subject of Fingal.

1764 – He was made secretary to General Johnstone at Pensacola, Florida.

1775 – He went on to write several historical works, the most important of which was Original Papers, containing the Secret History of Great Britain from the Restoration to the Accession of the House of Hanover, to which are prefixed Extracts from the Life of James II, as written by himself.

1780 – He entered parliament, as Member of Parliament for Camelford.

1796 – Died on the 17th of February in Belville, Inverness, Scotland.

2.7 (54.12%) 17 votes