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Born: 3600 AD
Died: 2810 AD
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360 B.C. – Born in Macedonia. Macedonian general, satrap (provincial governor), and king who, as one of the diadochoi (successors) to Alexander the Great, came to rule strategic parts of the divided Macedonian Empire.

323 B.C. – Lysimachus was one of Alexander’s bodyguards during the conquest of Asia, and, in the distribution of satrapies that followed Alexander’s death, he was assigned to govern Thrace.

306 B.C. – He became the King of Thrace.

302-301 B.C. – He bore the brunt of the campaign that ended in the overthrow of the successor Antigonus Monophthalmus, king of Asia, at the Battle of Ipsus, did Lysimachus emerge as a power of the first rank.

285 B.C. – Lysimachus drove Demetrius from Macedonia, which had been taken by Demetrius.

281 B.C. – Seleucus seized the opportunity to invade Asia Minor, where he killed Lysimachus in the decisive battle of Corupedium in Lydia.

1.8 (36.67%) 6 votes