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Lomax, Alan

Born: 1915 AD
Died: 2002 AD
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1915 – He was born on the 15th of January in Austin, Texas;

1932 – He was contracted to assemble a book of folk songs, and soon he and Alan set out with a crude recording machine paid for by the Library of Congress; covering some 16,000 miles of the southeastern U.S. in just four months, they collected a wealth of African American work songs, many of them recorded at various penitentiaries.

1938 – He turned to jazz, recording more than eight hours of vocals, instrumentals and spoken recollections from one of the founders of the form, Jelly Roll Morton.

1948 – Became host and writer of the Mutual Broadcasting Network series On Top of Old Smokey.

1950 – He produced radio shows, had a regular television series, and played an important role in both the American folk music revival and British folk revival.

1951 – He recorded Irish traditional musicians including some of the songs in English and Irish of Elizabeth Cronin.

1953-1954 – His survey of Italian folk music with Diego Carpitella, conducted, helped capture a snapshot of a multitude of important traditional folk styles shortly before they disappeared.

1959 – Returned to the States, and immediately made another expedition into the South, where he discovered, among others, bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell.

1962 – He published the book Folk Songs of North America; a six-month field trip to the West Indies followed, and there he recorded traditional musics from the English, French and Spanish-speaking people of the Caribbean, as well as the Hindu culture of Trinidad.

1993 – Lomax won the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Ralph J. Gleason Music Book Award for his book The Land Where the Blues Began, the story of the origins of Blues music.

2002 – Died on the 19th of July.

2003 – Lomax also received a posthumous Grammy Trustees Award for his lifetime achievements.

2.6 (52%) 30 votes