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Khan, Jahangir

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.
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1963 – Born on December 10th. A professional squash player from Pakistan.

1981 – Jahngir’s World Open victory over Geoff Hunt was the start of the greatest unbeaten streak not only in squash but in sport. For five years and over 500 matches Jahangir repelled every other squash player.

1986 – His superiority was such that until one fateful day in Toulouse, Jahangir Khan had barely lost a game.

1990 – Was the Chairman of the Professional Squash Association.

1991 – He won 10 British Open titles in succession.

1993 – He last played competitively at the World Championships in Pakistan while in semi-retirement.

1997 – Was the Vice-President of the Pakistan Squash Federation.

2002 – He is the President of the World Squash Federation.

2.8 (55.88%) 34 votes