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Katherine B. Petty

Born: 1959 AD
Currently alive, at 59 years of age.
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    Born in the little town of savannah sound, Eleuthera on November 11th, 1959, Katherine was always a strong headed child that searched for a way out of the cliche of being an "island girl". Katherine was only 17 yrs old when she gave birth to her first son December 17th, 1976 and he was name richard franklyn petty, katherine was now among the statistics of being just another island girl after having her two other children Michael Petty and James Johnson, she finally decided that the island life was just not for her she knew that know place could ever take the place of where she came from but she was more focused on where she was going, she was in search of a better life for her and her children. katherine then moved to nassau bahamas, she searched and searched for a job but being a 24 year old single mother with no qualifications she knew that she would start at the bottom but she was determined to work her way at the top and would not let anything stop her.  Upon arriving nassau, she started her upgrading classes at C.r Walker Senior High School with the hopes of achieving her mathematics B.J.C. She then continued on at the College of the Bahamas doing college preparatory classes in Mathematics, within this time she had three other children Lorenzo Whyte, Franza Whyte, and her golden child Francita Whyte. As the years went by it was getting harder and harder for Katherine sh was now a Janitress employed by the Bahamas Governement and was stationed at the Ministry of Pubic Works. Not only did she push herself to excellence she encouraged her children to always do nothing but the best, at this time her 2 eldest sons where still on the island making a living for themselves, James was a bus boy at Atlantis and Francita, Lorenzo, and Franza where all students at Naomi Blatch Primary School, with out there knowledge they where the inspiration to Katherine’s quest for a better life.  In the year 2002 things were starting to look a little clearer her son james joined and was accepted onto The Bahamas Police Force, Lorenzo was in the tenth grade and both francita and franza was in junior high, katherine was now moved to The Attorney Generals Office as a meesenger, she continued her upgrading courses at The College of the Bahamas. In 2003 Katherine was given the opportunity to move into a bigger home which she has secretly wanted for some time now, she wanted a better more comfrotable place for her children who were swiftly turning into young adults. I n 2004 her son lorenzo graduated from high school at this time Katherine was even more motivated because with the help of her children they could do great things together. In the year 2005 things took the turn for the worst, her eldest child Richard Petty was a security employed with the Diplomatic Protection Agency and was stationed at Wilmacs pharmacy on poinciana drive. Her son was brutally murdered shot down and left there to die in an selfish act of greed and rage, this put a pause in Katherines life after such a life changing ordeal she did not know where to turn, but being the level headed person she some how found a way to deal with it, she knows that she will never get over it but she found a way to carry on, she then focused all her energy and time and makin a better life for the rest of her children so that they could be safe. At this time she started doing classes under her attenteded major of Accounting at The Atlantic Theoritical College, shesuccessfully completed these courses at the same time as her youngest child completed high school, n the year 2006. Presently her son James is a C.D.U officer, her eldest daughter is studying Criminal Justice at Atlantic College, Lorenzo is employed at Kersner International and francita is studying Culinary Arts at The College of The Bahamas. Life for Katherine may seem like its at its highest peak but she yearns for more she does not wish to stop with jus an Associates degree she wants to move to the top she wishes to achieve her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Katherine is a strong headind striving women that will stop at nothing in order to succeed in life and she wishes to continue her endeavors in her quest towards academic exceelence at your school at Sojourner-Dougless.

3 (60%) 2 votes